Automated and sustainable IT operations, with no lock-in and Swedish 24x7 support.

ELASTX was founded in 2012. We who work here have extensive experience in building large-scale IT platforms, as well as backgrounds in system architecture and system development. We love sustainable IT and deliver truly automated cloud services via our own platforms: Jelastic PaaS and OpenStack IaaS. Our CloudOps Engineers also help businesses automate the entire process from code to production.

ELASTX and all three datacenters are ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified.




No more struggling to install and maintain your own servers. Create a simple server environment, or a mixed-locations data center in just a few minutes. What we at ELASTX care the most about is that you automate all the way from infrastructure to application.

Flexibility and freedom

No rigid or binding contracts, and no technical lock-in. With us, you will only pay for what you use and are free to leave us and take your application with you at any time.

Swedish operation and support

Forget about contingency plans and your employees being woken up by alerts in the middle of the night. Via our IT Operation Services we take care of all maintenance of your application. With us, you will get personal support, in Swedish, any day around-the-clock. And we guarantee that your data is stored in Sweden, under Swedish regulations.


It is of high importance for ELASTX that we deliver high quality security guarantees for our customers and partners. With our ISO 27001 certification and cooperation with companies that offer good protection and quality services, we strive to always deliver bleeding edge security. Read more about our Security Policy here.

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