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With love for open source, automation and our environment we want to offer a better alternative

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DBaaS coming soon

Keep all your infrastructure with one partner in Sweden - safe and secure!

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All of our platforms are fully automated where you choose the services you want to use and they are created in minutes. This way you avoid lead times and can manage the entire infrastructure as code.

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Support is our most important service and 24x7 support is included in our services. We start troubleshooting within 15 minutes around the clock. We can also help with monitoring and troubleshooting your application.

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Our goal is to provide the best conditions and tools for a secure application operation. Some of our most popular services are HSM to store secrets, WAF to protect your web application and volume encryption to protect your data. We also have a number of ISO certifications.

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Without lock-in

It should be easy to start using our services and also to stop doing so. Therefore, our services are based on open source software and we have no binding times. Pay for the services you use per hour and stop paying when you no longer do so.

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All operations take place on Swedish soil by Swedish personnel and we are ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified. We are also happy to sign data processing agreements. This means that our services are Cloud Act free and GDPR safe.

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Sustainability in our society and the environment is very important to us. We are ISO 14001 certified and all our services are powered by green electricity, even our bikes and cars. We are a Swedish company that pays tax here in Sweden and we only work with customers who we think contribute to society.

Latest news

Elastx is now integrated with Backup Ninja to automate your opensource database backups easily

Backup management includes the activities of creating, deleting, storing, restoring, and monitoring of the backup process. It is an essential component of any disaster recovery strategy. Although it is vital to have backup management, it can be a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive process. Having to take daily backups with constant monitoring (to ensure the backups are in a usable state) often requires a dedicated technical resource to manage it effectively. Without periodic checks, backups may be obsolete or invalid, which will slow down the recovery process if disaster strikes. Backup and recovery at the database level is even more challenging, as it requires complex scripts to handle the backup of the individual storage engine. Automated backup management services offer a wide range of features to automate the backup and restoration task for databases, files, and directories and effortlessly store them securely either locally or on the cloud. Automated backup management is ideal for resolving the setbacks of manual backup management.


Zebware, an Elastx partner

We think it is important to be loosely connected to the platforms you work with to avoid lock-in scenarios and the ability to store data with confidence. With our new partner Zebware and their product Orchesto you can achieve this.


Can you keep a single security strategy in a multi-cloud environment?

A guest blogpost by James Tucker, Director of System Engineering at Baffin Bay Networks


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Bonnier News chose Elastx to create their new digital platform

In connection to their 150th anniversary in 2013 Bonnier News decided to leave the old manual server system and make a step towards a fully automated platform. They chose Elastx for the job, complemented by tools from HashiCorp.


Leading DDoS protection for our clients

We are happy to announce our partnership with DDoS security experts Baffin Bay Networks. They will be protecting our Cloud Infrastructure and our customers by using their DDoS Protection and Threat Intelligence platform.