Cloud act

Cloud Act - time to bring our data storage home

As some of you already heard or read, a new law has emerged in the United States, where US cloud suppliers and IT companies are now forced to disclose data to US authorities, they have chosen to name it Cloud Act.


Risks with Cloud-IT outside of Sweden

Today, Swedish as well as international companies have the opportunity to get their cloud-based IT operations handled by major suppliers such as AWS, Google and Azure. A service with security that is taken for granted. Something the customer always counts with is that the data stored with the supplier is always taken care of and may only be handled by the customer himself.


Svenska skattepengar till amerikanska IT-jättar

Vi på Elastx är stolta över den svenska välfärdsmodellen. Vi vill betala skatt här i Sverige och stötta samhället som vi lever i. När jag då läser om att regeringen öser svenska skattemedel till de amerikanska IT-jättarna så blir jag riktigt förbannad.