Zebware, an Elastx partner

We think it is important to be loosely connected to the platforms you work with to avoid lock-in scenarios and the ability to store data with confidence. With our new partner Zebware and their product Orchesto you can achieve this.

Orchesto is a lightweight middleware software designed to enable true multi-cloud compute and storage to secure cloud data deployments. Orchesto provides an object storage s3 API to store you data. You choose the storage providers which Orchesto will use and Elastx Openstack Swift object storage service is now a supported storage provider. Orchesto provides a number of features that can help you to secure your data and prevent lock-in.


By using Orchesto cloud encrypt, all object content can be encrypted before it leaves the network of a data owner. This enables a centralized encryption configuration to be applied across all storage providers. You own the encryption key!

Multi-cloud deployment

Using Orchesto makes it easy to store data on multiple cloud storage providers including both private and public. You just use the Orchesto s3 API and then you decide on which storage providers where the data will be stored.

Storage provider redundancy

When using Orchesto with its patented zIDA erasure coding, you can store your data over multiple storage providers making you non-dependent on a single provider. If there is an issue at one of the storage providers making that data inaccessible you can still access your data based on the storage providers still accessible.

Live Data Synchronisation

Orchesto gives you the possibility to change the storage provider without having to change anything on the client using Orchesto. The live data synchronisation not only enables the data synchronisation but also supports this without causing any disruptions for applications and users.

Data Governance

By use of the Orchesto policy management tools, rules for storage, information security governance and data policy fulfilment can be adhered to programmatically.

Orchesto will help you to secure and manage your data and if you want more information please contact us at hello@elastx.se or Zebware at hello@zebware.com