We are now CNCF members

We are proud to inform you that ELASTX is now a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

What is CNCF?

Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a foundation dedicated to making cloud native universal and sustainable. The cloud native technology gives developers the opportunities and resources to build products and applications with support from a whole community that is dedicated to making sure that cloud native always keeps growing and lives on.

At the same time as we are entering the CNCF, we will also be launching our very coveted Private Kubernetes. We will be putting up a private Kubernetes cluster for our customers in our powerful OpenStack platform that runs in our availability zones here in Sweden.

Thanks to our newly found membership at the CNCF, we will now be able to go deeper in to the cloud native ecosystem where we can together with large actors contribute and make change. We will have opportunities to learn from each other and ELASTX will be able to continue to deliver a fantastic product to its costumers and partners.

“We are happy to become part of the CNCF eco system. This aligns well with our view of helping customers navigate the open-source landscape and build cloud agnostic solutions.” - Henrik Grankvist, COO ELASTX

“We want to be able to create industry standards within the cloud native landscape, and not just contribute to creating more “buzz words” which can be interpreted the wrong way. The CNCF membership will give us this opportunity.” - Tobias Jakobsson, CloudOps Architect ELASTX