Simple, yet performant Wordpress sites on Jelastic PaaS

We’ve created a simple one-click Wordpress install for Jelastic that’s prepared with some basic fine tuning both for Nginx, PHP and Wordpress itself. It comes preinstalled with w3 total cache plugin and Hannari Blue theme.

Please log in or sign-up to Jelastic and find the ELASTX Wordpress install in the marketplace, search for ELASTX and you will find it. If you’re a new user, there will be steps registering for our service. Don’t worry, you can try this for free by contacting our support and ask for a Development account. No strings attached.

While the environment is created in the background, follow the video for the simple steps to take full advantage of the caching capabilities Wordpress have.

If you want to join the collaboration on making this one click-install of Wordpress better, don’t hesitate to checkout the code for it and contribute!

Check it out at