Cloud Act - time to bring our data storage home

As some of you already heard or read, a new law has emerged in the United States, where US cloud suppliers and IT companies are now forced to disclose data to US authorities, they have chosen to name it Cloud Act.

Cloud Act became effective on March 23 this year. The law came in to discussion in 2013, and now it has officially been implemented. All the data that we have chosen to store at US-based cloud vendors are now visible and available to US authorities. This has of course cought the eye of swedish companies whom are now highly interrested in bringing their data back home for storage.

We can actually be pretty grateful that GDPR has been implemented and ISO certifications are being followed quite strictly here in Sweden. We follow the opposite stream here when it comes to Cloud Act. Not only in Sweden but also in large parts of Europe. We demand responsibility and privacy when it comes to data and personal information. We have put a lot of focus on adapting to GDPR and focusing on customer needs and integrity.

In a way, the timing couldn’t be better

Just when data management is at it’s “worst” in the US, companies now have the opportunity to move storage to a safer place.

This is the time for Swedish IT providers to show their full strength domestically and deliver quality in swedish IT operations. Something that ELASTX are definitely are focusing on. Great and exciting times are ahead.

What does ELASTX do?

IT Operation

We have two public cloud-based platforms, covering most client needs. But we can also tailor a private solution for customers wanting even more control over their system.

Through our Professional services, we help automate your development process: from platform selection, including pre-study, to migration of systems to a fully automated platform.

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