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Dine with the father of Java

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. Our jelastic:PaaS is powered by Jelastic and they are holding a contest where you could win a prize that Java programmers only dream of - A dinner with Father of Java, James Gosling.

Simple, yet performant Wordpress sites on jelastic:PaaS

We've created a simple one-click Wordpress install that's prepared with some basic fine tuning both for Nginx, PHP and Wordpress itself. It comes preinstalled with w3 total cache plugin and Hannari Blue theme.

Backups in OpenStack cloud

I have worked a lot with backups over the years and one thing I have learned is that managing a traditional backup solution often takes too much time, consumes too much resources and costs too much.

Docker support in Elastx jelastic:PaaS

Today Elastx released version 3.1 of their jelastic:PaaS that includes standard Docker support!

Elastx at Cloud Expo in Gothenburg 4-5 March

Sweden's largest meeting place for cloud. IT Solutions Conference in Gothenburg is the exhibition that focuses 100% on entrepreneurship and business development through new technologies.

Price reduction in Elastx jelastic:PaaS

We have reduced our pricing. To kick off 2015 we have increased our discount for reservered IT-capacity in our jelastic:PaaS.