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Images from ELASTX Tech-fika, fall 2018

Our latest ELASTX Tech-fika was another success! We deep dived in security in a cloud native environment and had a successful workshop with our customers and partners. This Tech-fika was a more hands-on workshop where our guests had their laptops with them.

Take a look at our testimonial for Baffin Bay Networks!

Baffin Bay networks is a Swedish tech startup based in Stockholm, founded in 2016, poised to disrupt the cloud-based cyber security market. Their team consist of gifted cyber security experts, passionate about building a world-class Threat Protection Platform that helps their customers to mitigate both network based and application level cyber threats.

Risks with Cloud-IT outside of Sweden

Today, Swedish as well as international companies have the opportunity to get their cloud-based IT operations handled by major suppliers such as AWS, Google and Azure. A service with security that is taken for granted. Something the customer always counts with is that the data stored with the supplier is always taken care of and may only be handled by the customer himself. 

ELASTX at the Nordic IT Security Conference

Baffin Bay Networks invited ELASTX to the Nordic IT Security conference at the Munchen Brewery in Stockholm. We have had a lot of interesting lectures and seminars and got the pleasure of networking with industry colleagues.

ELASTX Tech-fika is getting closer

ELASTX Tech-fika is an activity/seminar we arrange twice a year where we have a coffee and snacks and talk technology. We choose a current subject and look at details and practical examples.

ELASTX is a Dagens industri Gazelle Company

We are pleased to inform you that ELASTX has become a Dagens industri Gazelle company this year! The company has strived to achieve the criteria for a Gazelle company and at last we have succeeded in doing so. ELASTX aims to always deliver a product with quality, safety and continuous growth that will benefit the customer as well as the company.