The winners of this years ELASTX Challengize: Baffin Bay Networks!

2018-06-27 - Reading time: 2 minutes #challengize

An interview with this years ELASTX Challengize winners.

We want to congratulate Baffin Bay Networks for their awesome effort in this years Challengize. Their prize will be a VR experience in which they have never seen before. All teams had to collect an amount of Challenge points together when doing different physical workouts, which would then be converted into Swedish kronor and donated to a charitable organization that the winning team will choose! The points converted resulted in 4800 SEK and are to be donated.

Challengize is a fitness competition where a company challenges its personel and other companies during 8 weeks. In this case, we chose to challenge our customers and partners in our own ELASTX Challengize.

We have asked three questions to our winners after the competition to hear how and what they feel after the 8 week long challenge.

  1. How does it feel to win your first Challengize?

- It feels great. We already decided when we joined the competition to win it, and have consistently worked to achieve that goal.

  1. What did you do to get so many points?

- We would say that there are two main reasons to why our score was so big. First of all, we have a really physically active team, people train and keep themselves in motion regularly. It is obviously a good start point for us when entering this contest. And on the other hand, we were also very accurate and nitious to report all our activities, whether it was at the gym, a hike or just a walk. In addition to this, we also looked to try to reach the maximum possible points per day that was possible. If you skipped a training day or had to rest, then we just went out for a walk to get some points.

  1. What charity have you chosen to donate the money to?

- We have chosen to donate the money to the Children’s Cancer Fund.

Great job, Baffin Bay Networks!

Want to know more about what Baffin Bay Networks does? Read about it here!