We’re bringing home the Swedish Tax Agency

2018-03-29 - Reading time: 2 minutes #skatteverket #gdpr

We are happy to inform everyone that we, together with Digitalist, have become the IT provider for the Swedish Tax Agency.

The Swedish Tax Agency wanted start using a domestic web statistics tool which could replace Google Analytics and decided to start using the open source option Matomo, which will be hosted at ELASTX.

“There is a lot of focus on the General Data Protection Regulation now and an increased interest for sensitive data to be kept in Sweden. It has been a challenge for the Swedish Tax Agency with the fact that Google is a US-based company. We are also experiencing that several other government authorities are looking for open source based alternative that can be operated on Swedish soil.” - ELASTX COO, Henrik Grankvist to Computer Sweden.

We are interested in working with companies whom have high requirements when it comes to security. We have built a stable infrastructure that is capable of handling that type of environments. And we are now noticing that there is a demand after a Swedish-based company that can offer public cloud platforms and act as their Cloud Operation. We are ready to take on the mission.

The agreement with Swedish Tax Office has been put together with the digital bureau Digitalist which are application experts. Besides the agreement with the Swedish Tax Agency, we will also work with Digitalist to help the Swedish Labor Office with development of their new play service ‘AF-play’, on the open source platform Drupal.

#skatteverket #gdpr