We encourage new ideas! - Receive 600 worth of credits!*

2013-06-24 - Reading time: 2 minutes #jelastic

It seems like many of our developers have a project that they develop in their spare time. This is something that we really promote and encourage. Therefore we offer 600 credits (725 SEK inc VAT) for hosting their application on our platform.

*You need to create an account and let us know about your project. We would love to hear more about your project via our support portal support.elastx.se. Once you have done that, we will upload 600 credits to your account.

One of the features that appeals to many our developers, is how easy it is to start and stop the environments. Once your environment is stopped, there is no charge (only for actual storage, approx. 3.65 credits GB/Month). Furthermore there is no capacity limits, you get full vertical and horizontal scaling!

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started. Follow these simple steps to get your application up and running on the next generation platform with ALL-SSD;

It’s this simple!

  1. Go to elastx.com and click “Get started now” or click here.

  2. Click on the link provided to you via email. Once logged in you get asked to choose your preferred environment;

  1. Once you have created your environment you just upload your application!

For more information about uploading your application and different plug-ins just visit jelastic.com/docs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by selecting “Help / Contact Support” from your dashpanel or via our support portal support.elastx.se.

We are looking forward to hearing more about your project!

Happy coding!

Henrik Grankvist