Price reduction in Elastx jelastic:PaaS

2015-01-01 - Reading time: 2 minutes #jelastic

We have reduced our pricing. To kick off 2015 we have increased our discount for reservered IT-capacity in our jelastic:PaaS.

Our jelastic:PaaS offers a fully dynamic price model were you pay for actual usage. However some applications have a constant high usage of IT-capacity (mostly RAM) i.e database. The main reason for our increased discount for reserving cloudlets is to offer competitive pricing for these server types as well.

Reservation of IT-capacity includes your entire IT-environment (application servers, database, loadbalancer etc). What is unique with our easy:PaaS (powered by Jelastic) is that you still can have as much extra capacity standing by for handling work-load peaks. Should you need this extra dynamic IT-capacity you also get a volume discount (although not as high as making a reservation).

This means that it’s enough to have just two server types (i.e. application server and a database) to get 30% discount, since you automatically reserve 1 cloudlet per server type. You can change the amount of cloudlets you wish to reserve at any given point and you never commit yourself for a certain time period. Via your control panel in jelastic:PaaS you can see your actual usage and billing so you have full control.

Feel free to contact Elastx support if you would like advice how to optimize your environment. If you don’t have an account in our jelastic:PaaS you can easily create one here. We also offer a free version for test and development purposes.

Henrik Grankvist