Our cloud platform is built from the ground up with all SSD using Solidfire

2013-03-25 - Reading time: 2 minutes #solidfire

“SolidFire’s ability to deliver predictable application performance is the key technology that enables Elastx to deliver an exceptional customer experience.” - Joakim Öhman, CEO, Elastx

As a new player in the elastic cloud service market, we took our experience implementing hosting platforms and configuring data centers to build one of the most robust and reliable hosting platforms. Without the burdens that come with infrastructure transformation, we were able to avoid the performance variability challenges that most cloud services providers experience when using legacy storage systems.

Starting from a clean slate, we chose a technology partners that would enable us to develop a highly scalable, performance-oriented PaaS offering that catered to both test/dev and performance-heavy enterprise applications. We understood that legacy storage architectures would not be capable of meeting our customers’ performance requirements and would be broadly unpredictable as more customers were added to the system. As a result, we focused on the deployment of an all-SSD storage system. The need to overcome performance variability and deliver the most predictable application experience led us to select SolidFire to support our two cloud platforms (easy:PaaS and ops:PaaS).

We had five technology requirements that were mandatory for our new cloud platforms:

  • All-SSD system
  • Inline execution of all efficiencies (without any performance-limiting effects)
  • Integration with OpenStack and Jelastic
  • Linear scalability
  • Sub 1 millisecond latency

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