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2013-08-29 - Reading time: 4 minutes #jelastic

Elastx, a Swedish based Platform as a Service hosting company, today announced the availability of version 1.9.2 of its auto-scaling Jelastic cloud service. If you’re a current Easy customer, you don’t have to do anything to enjoy these important enhancements.

“Jelastic is the core component of Elastx Easy offering and fits well on top of Elastx bleeding edge cloud optimized infrastructure. Jelastic is one of the most powerful, innovative and easy-to-use PaaS products in the market today. The team at Jelastic really listen to the community and releases new features on a regular basis. Version 1.9.2 is no exception” Says, Henrik Grankvist, Business Development Manager at Elastx.

Jelastic COO Dmitry Sotnikov said, “Every day we listen to the feedback of our web hosting partners and also the members of our ever-growing community. In this release, we have implemented many of the requested features and changes. Some highlights include GIT & SVN Auto-deploy, FTP and FTPS access to database servers, scheduling MongoDB backups, a handy search box and loads more. We are really excited to see how much more productive users can be on our cloud platform.”

This upgrade has a long list of new features that will make a great product even better, here are the highlights:

  1. GIT & SVN Auto-deploy: Jelastic users can set immediate or periodical automatic deployment of their projects based on the changes they have committed via GIT/SVN repository and greatly increase their productivity.
  2. Improved high availability of the Jelastic cloud: Jelastic has completely revamped its high availability/redundancy systems to make Jelastic more reliable than ever before.
  3. FTP and FTPS access to database servers: Jelastic has been providing FTP/FTPS access to application servers for a long time. Now this feature has been expanded to all database servers. Users get an easy and reliable way of file sharing and data transfer to and from their database servers in their Jelastic environments, including local backup files.
  4. Ability to assign an internal IP to VDS components: Jelastic VDS is a full-root-access virtual private server that customers can use for any extra components that their applications might need, such as backend servers, console applications, email servers and backup servers. Users now have the ability to assign such servers not only publicly but also with private IP addresses.
  5. A new Jelastic mobile app: Install the Jelastic Mobile App from the Apple Store and log in to your Jelastic account to trace and change the state of your environments and to keep track of your balance, right from your mobile device. Available for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPad 2, 3, 4G.
  6. PHP 5.5: In addition to versions 5.3 and 5.4, PHP enthusiasts now can enjoy working with the newest version of PHP and benefit from all of its robust features. Users can change the version of the stack they are using with a simple selection from the drop-down list.
  7. Ruby On Rails support: This product enhancement is currently in its beta test phase, so we are only activating it for customers who make a special request via the Elastx support portal. But if you’re a Ruby guy, we invite you to come in and kick the tires.
  8. Scheduling MongoDB Database Backups: Jelastic users now can schedule not only MySQL and MariaDB backups, but also MongoDB backups with just a few clicks.
  9. Ability to change GC, -Xmx, -Xms: This update gives a user the ability to configure memory settings and set custom parameters for their Java container.
  10. Ability to deploy PHP projects from GIT repository with submodules/dependencies added: Select the project you need and get everything else retrieved and deployed automatically.
  11. Search box: Users can use this search box right from the dashboard to get answers to the questions they are most interested in.

Click here for more details about version 1.9.2. of Jelastic.

About Jelastic - Jelastic,Inc., based in Palo Alto, Californien offers a Platform as a Service for developers, application designers and hosting providers. Jelastic is the only Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering designed specifically for hosting providers to deploy and make available to their customers. The platform automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocate server resources, delivering true next-generation Java and PHP cloud computing.

Henrik Grankvist