Neo4j meetup @Elastx HQ

2013-05-19 - Reading time: 2 minutes #neo4j #meetup #event

Despite the sunny and warm weather outside, we had a steady number of people turning up for the Neo4j meetup that was hosted at Elastx, Waterfront.

Hatim, the co-organizer for Friends of Neo4j Stockholm, held an introduction speech and proudly announced that there are now over 200 members of the community!

Elastx started the meetup with an introduction to Cloud Computing and what the difference is between IaaS/PaaS. This was followed by a live demo of our PaaS. Below is a picture of Elastx doing a live demo of a load testing scenario using Load Impact. Load Impact is a SaaS service that gained a lot in popularity lately and is now the Global leader for Load testing as a SaaS. Ragnar Lönn, one of the founders of Load Impact also did a short presentation.

We like the fact that Load Impact, as well as Elastx and Neo Technology are also founded in Sweden.

During the break-out sessions we discussed Neo4j in production. Below is a picture of Stefan Armbruster from NeoTechnology. Stefan is currently helping a company in Sweden implementing Neo4j and he heard about the meetup taking place. He managed to come as well. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge Stefan.

If you are not already a member and would like to learn more about Graph databases we suggest signing up to for upcoming Neo4j events.

Henrik Grankvist

#neo4j #meetup #event