Neo4j in the cloud. Easy with Elastx powered by Jelastic and OpenStack

2014-05-20 - Reading time: 2 minutes #jelastic #openstack #neo4j

Neo4j is one of the most popular graph-databases on the market today. The main benefits of using Neo4j are:

  • intuitive, using a graph model for data representation
  • reliable, with full ACID transactions
  • durable and fast, using a custom disk-based, native storage engine
  • massively scalable, up to several billion nodes/relationships/properties
  • highly-available, when distributed across multiple machines
  • expressive, with a powerful, human readable graph query language
  • fast, with a powerful traversal framework for high-speed graph queries
  • embeddable, with a few small jars
  • simple, accessible by a convenient REST interface or an object-oriented Java API

Elastx has built in support for Neo4j in their easy:PaaS. It’s fast and easy to get Neo4j running in the cloud. Try Elastx generous Free Tier and give it a spin. Lets get started!

Create the environment

  1. Go to and sign up for our Free Tier or log in with your credentials.

  2. Ask Elastx to create a new environment.

  1. In the Environment topology dialog which opens, click NoSQL and choose Neo4j 1.9 or 2.1 and type your environment name, for example, neo4jtest. Then click Create.

Wait just a minute for your environment to be created. Your login details will be emailed to you and you are now ready to deploy your Neo4j application!

  1. Upload your war file to the Deployment manager.

  1. Once the package is uploaded, deploy it to the environment you have created earlier.

  1. Now you can open your application in a browser.

Enjoy Neo4j with Elastx in the cloud! As always, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact our friendly support.

For companies looking for an clustered enterprise Neo4j setup with HA failover, please contact our support for more information. Elastx is a Neo4j solution partner and can offer Managed Neo4j hosting.

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Joakim Öhman

#jelastic #openstack #neo4j