Jelastic live in our third data center [STO3]

2018-06-21 - Reading time: 1 minutes #jelastic

We are extremely proud to inform our customers that ELASTX 3rd Data center now is open for the public.

You can now, in Jelastic, easily choose between three data centers when creating environments. Now, with three locations, you can build highly available clusters the way they should be built.

Want to spin-up an instance in our third datacenter today? CLICK HERE

Or why not create a Jelastic account and try it out? CLICK HERE

ELASTX data centers have a geographical distance between each other of 20 kilometers making them ideal for building High-Availability and Disaster Protected environments. We have also been working very hard to provide best of breed network and can boost about having 100Gbps core network and sub 0.5ms latency between our three Data centers!

Traffic between our data centers are free of charge! Would you like to take it for a spin? Login to your control panel and spin-up an instance in our 3rd Data center [STO3].

If you have any questions please send an email to