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2015-09-25 - Reading time: 2 minutes #event #meetup #wordpress

On 23 September Elastx hosted a Wordpress meetup in Stockholm. You could tell that Wordpress is pretty popular since all seats got booked less than 30 minutes after we released the tickets.

Wordpress Stockholm has only been around for 6 months, but already has over 500 members. This was the 3rd meetup and organiser Ryan O’Leary presented the speakers for tonight’s session.

NOTE - Below text is originally written in Swedish by Marcus Tisäter and posted at Wordpress Sweden’s blogg, wpsv.se

  1. Tobias Jakobsson – ”Building your own custom WordPress with wp-cli”

Tobias from Elastx was first out. He demonstrated how you can use wp-cli. A command tool for Wordpress to install core, plug-ins and themes. He installed everything manually and after that he did a live demo how you can tailor your own Wordpress on Elastx easy:PaaS. This included how you can custom a Json file to install different add-ons and plug-ins with a click of a button. You can see Elastx open source repository on github.

  1. Erik Bernskiöld – ”The Anatomy of High Converting Landing Pages”

In the below video Erik is talking about the importance of having good landing pages and how the differ from one another. He also provides different kind of examples and took an approach from a user perspective. Erik explains this in a simple and inspiring way. This presentation is very useful for developers and designers looking to create a high converting landing pages. Erik provides 8 useful insights when creating your landing pages.

  1. Stanislav Khromov – ”Providing a great editing experience with WordPress and Shortcake”

In this session Stanislav explains how you can ease your work in Wordpress using Wordpress built in text editor Shortcake to build pages in a simple yet elegant way. He shows us live how it works and got us interested in trying. Shortcake is built with backbone.js (same as most of panel in Wordpress). Shortcake provides a preview directly in the text editor instead of placing short code as most of other solutions do. Unfortunately there is no stable version of Shortcake available yet and is only out as a Alpha version with over 80 issues on github.

We are looking forward to more existing meetups. If you have any ideas of possible meetups, please let us know.

You can also have a look at our simple, yet performant Wordpress site on our jelastic:PaaS.

Henrik Grankvist

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