ELASTX goes to CloudFest 2018

2018-03-07 - Reading time: 1 minutes #event #cloudfest

This year, a few of us from the ELASTX-team will be traveling to Europa-Park in Rust, Germany where we will be attending CloudFest 2018.

“CloudFest draws celebrities, newsmakers, influencers, and experts from around the world in the fields that matter to us – technology, government, media, and beyond. They come to communicate the kinds of important insights into advancing technology and the democratic web that makes CloudFest one of the best content-driven technology events of the year.” - From cloudfest.com

Make sure to check out our social media channels and keep yourselves updated in what we are doing and watching at the CloudFest this year. We are looking forward to gaining new knowledge within the CloudOps field and continuing towards our goal to become a leading Cloud IT and automation deliverer in Sweden. Will we see you there?

These are the social media channels we will be updating during our stay:





Youtube (a summary will be posted after the event)

We will be posting images and updates daily in our social media channels. Don’t forget to follow!

What is CloudFest 2018? Read more about it here.

#event #cloudfest