ELASTX at the Nordic IT Security Conference

2018-11-16 - Reading time: 2 minutes #security #conference

Baffin Bay Networks invited ELASTX to the Nordic IT Security conference at the Munchen Brewery in Stockholm. We have had a lot of interesting lectures and seminars and got the pleasure of networking with industry colleagues.

We heard F-Secures CRO in Finland, Mikko Hipponen, talk about today’s situation in Net Safety and what future threats may occur, information and facts that can be proven very useful in the business.

There was a wide range of seminars we could take part of, such as how to develop a GDPR-ready incident and breach action plan or various views of The Deep Web, the so called “dark part” of the web which requires encryption to access and is often administered by the online criminal underworld.

Panel discussions involving human rights and online activism were held, here you could hear former government officials from the United States and human rights activists debate and discuss how different situations and crises have been addressed; examples raised include the Arab spring.

AI (artificial intelligence) was very much discussed in terms of both online security, but also for data collection and for prevention purposes, thus learning the various movements and activities online that can lead to an attack, for example, to try to stay at the forefront and be ready.

Entering a more digital age has it’s pros and cons. The cons are constantly being addressed and handled by Net Security companies and we believe that there will be an increase in investments and focus in that sector in the future, while the digital age and era is constantly growing.

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