ELASTX is a Dagens industri Gazelle Company

2018-10-28 - Reading time: 2 minutes #company

We are pleased to inform you that ELASTX has become a Dagens industri Gazelle company this year! The company has strived to achieve the criteria for a Gazelle company and at last we have succeeded in doing so. ELASTX aims to always deliver a product with quality, safety and continuous growth that will benefit the customer as well as the company.

The Dagens industri Gazelle pays homage and attention to the fastest growing companies in Sweden’s 21 counties.

The goal for ELASTX is to always be at the forefront of the Cloud Native and IT world. And to showcase for our customers the wide spectrum and opportunities with Cloud. It has been shown to benefit both us and our customers and contributed to the continued growth of the company. Something we are very grateful and happy about.

“Di Gazelle is a receipt and evidence that we deliver products and services appreciated by our customers as well as our long-term strategy to build a company that is financially strong” - Henrik Grankvist, COO ELASTX

What are the Gazelle Company criteria? We have chosen to quote directly from the Gazelle website (swedish).

A Gazelle Company has:

  • A turnover exceeding 10 million Swedish kronor.
  • At least ten employees.
  • At least doubled its turnover, comparing the first and last fiscal year.
  • Increased its turnover every year over the past three years.
  • A positive overall operating profit for the last four fiscal years.
  • Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.
  • Healthy finances.

Read more about the Dagens industri Gazelle here (in Swedish)!