Docker support in Elastx jelastic:PaaS

2015-02-27 - Reading time: 3 minutes #jelastic #docker

Today Elastx released version 3.1 of their jelastic:PaaS that includes standard Docker support!

Docker is a special technology for automation of deployment processes and applications management inside environments. It allows packaging of the necessary app or service with all its dependencies into a container, that can be easily transferred to any Linux-based x86-64 platform with support of cgroups and namespaces isolation by its kernel. Such kind of isolation is required for running a number of independent containers on a single instance, saving resources and providing advanced flexibility for developers.

“We see a trend with companies moving towards using microservices instead of implementing a monolith architecture. With Docker support, our PaaS now gives them an even better experience!” - Tobias Jakobsson, DevOps Engineer at Elastx.

Elastx uses three leading technologies in their jelastic:PaaS: Jelastic, Docker and Parallels Cloud Server, which is used for container-based virtualization. This innovation is intended to give our end-users the possibility to create containers based on Docker templates for applications with microservices architecture pattern. Both Docker and Parallels technologies work with the same kernel isolation mechanisms ensuring that all the required processes of Docker standard are covered similarly to the native implementation, saving all the inherent benefits. Such a combination is distinguished by high effectiveness in solving the task of application delivery and simultaneously provides orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud.

As a result of this consolidation, the Docker’s board was integrated to both the environment topology wizard (as a separate tab) and the Marketplace section at the dashboard in our jelastic:PaaS (alongside the one-click JPS application’s panel). It includes three tabs:

  • Quick Start with a set of most popular templates
  • Search on Docker Hub, which allows finding of the necessary template at the central Docker Registry Hub
  • Custom, where you can add and manage your own templates from the custom registries

Installing the desired software can be done just in a few clicks - find the required template, choose it to be deployed, select the necessary tag from the list of automatically fetched ones and specify the preferable name of your new environment (or apply the template addition to the existing one). Also, the environment wizard provides you with a special graphic tool for adjusting some basic configurations at your Docker container, such as environment variables’ and ports’ settings, linking containers or specifying the file that should be run on its startup. Once the creation of the defined images is confirmed, you’ll see your environment contains a new Docker server with the chosen template(s) deployed. Each of the templates represents an independent and isolated PCS container with the provided full root access to it via SSH.

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Please contact Elastx support if you have any questions. We would really appreciate your feedback on the Docker support.

Henrik Grankvist

#jelastic #docker