Check out this video - Load testing - Easy vertical & horizontal scaling in the cloud

2013-05-11 - Reading time: 2 minutes #scaling #jelastic

One of my favorite Jelastic features is the vertical scaling and how you only pay for the resources you are using, unlike traditional server hosting were you have to pay for a fixed amount of resources. There are many times you do not know how much resources your application consumes and even harder to know how many users you will have. Using the Jelastic platform gives you the ability to have an extremely scalable platform, but you only pay for the actual resources that you use. This is because with Jelastic you can do both vertical and horizontal scaling.

Let’s say you have a Wordpress site with 10 000 users per month but suddenly you get some really positive reviews and your users increases to around 100 000 per month. If you for example use 4 application servers that can scale vertically you can have a site that will scale to 100 000 users or more but if you only have a 10 000 users load you will only pay for that. Even if you did have limited vertical scaling and only a single application server you can add both resources and servers in minutes without any disruption.

Another great feature is cloning where you can take a full copy of your environment and test upgrades and do load tests without disrupting your production environment. This way you know how many users your site can handle and can verify that your new features work even under heavy load.

We have done a video showing you how easy it is to scale your environment and to do load tests. During this test we used a very nice cloud service from loadimpact for the load testing. For monitoring we only used the built in resource monitoring tools but if I had a production site I would use New Relic or similar service to get a more granular monitoring tool.

Hope that you will find this video interesting; it was a lot of fun doing it anyway!

Joakim Öhman

#scaling #jelastic