Changes to our Free-Tier offering - Jelastic:PaaS

2015-12-11 - Reading time: 2 minutes #jelastic

We love developers! Free Tier > Development account

Early last year we launched our generous Free Tier account on our Jelastic:PaaS. Since then this has become a very popular playground for developers to host their development projects. We are constantly working on improving our offerings. We will continue to offer a Free Tier for developers, but will change name to Development account to better reflect its purpose. It will still be 100% free of charge and valid for a year in arrears.

Improvements to our new Development Account in Jelastic:PaaS

Our Jelastic:PaaS is constantly improving and last month the latest 4.2 was released, which also included significant Docker support improvements. All of these features are instantly available to our Development accounts users as well, all for free, but with limited capacity. Our new Development account also gives you the option to:

- Create a VPS

Do you have a Free Tier account today and would like to keep it?

All Free Tier users have to contact us in order to get converted to our Development account. Old Free Tier accounts will get disabled by 10 January 2016. Please get in contact with us via our support portal, and we can help you.

Note - All environments on your old Free Tier account will get deleted unless you contact us

Henrik Grankvist