ELASTX outperforms Rackspace & Amazon!

2014-01-07 - Reading time: 3 minutes #storage

How ELASTX Delivers Breakthrough I/O Performance for Platform as a Service Applications

Relative to other cloud offerings – both PaaS and IaaS – ELASTX delivers an extremely high level of I/O performance, allowing applications to deliver superior quality of experience to users. By providing guaranteed provisioned IOPS for each cloud server, applications are immune to the affects of storage access by any other applications in the system.

Joakim Öhman, CEO at ELASTX says:

“We have built a new platform from the ground up that is optimized for next generation IT hosting. Our focus has been to solve the most common issues and challenges that we have experienced with traditional server hosting and with other IaaS and PaaS cloud hosting services. ELASTX delivers upon 4 cornerstones:

  1. 100% true PaaS. This means that we give our customer full control to start an entire server environment in less than a minute and that we also provide a platform that fully support DevOps, CI/CD and business processes. We only charge for actual power consumption, based on CPU, RAM and HD usage.
  2. We guarantee that all data and support is kept in Sweden. This is very important for many of our customers especially with the news about NSA and PRISM
  3. We have no lock-ins, meaning no binding contract and no technical lock-ins. We strongly believe in open standards that makes it easy for customers to get started and also to leave us should they want to.
  4. A challenge with many cloud platforms is performance and especially disk performance. We have taken a big investment in our storage architecture and built it using 100% Solid State Disk (SSD), we can also guarantee a predictable performance.

This report proves that our performance strategy has been successful when compared to our competitors, one reason being that many of PaaS providers use Amazon as underlying infrastructure (IaaS)”

Read the full report from Cloud Spectator: “Massive I/O Performance for Platform as a Service (PaaS)

About Cloud Spectator:

Cloud Spectator is the premier cloud analyst group focused on infrastructure pricing and server performance. Since 2011, Cloud Spectator has monitored the cloud Infrastructure industry on a global scale and continues to produce research reports for businesses to make informed purchase decisions by leveraging its CloudSpecs utility, an application that automates live server performance tests 4 times a day, 365 days a year with use of open source benchmark tests. The data is compared relatively with pricing from each provider to allow business decision-makers to smart decisions.

Learn more: cloudspectator.com | info@cloudspectator.com

About Neovise:

Based on independent research and analysis, Neovise delivers essential knowledge and guidance to cloud-related technology vendors, service providers and systems integrators, as well as business and IT organizations that purchase and use cloud-related services and technology. Our offerings include research, advisory and collateral development services that help our customers—and their customers—make optimal decisions and formulate winning strategies. Research. Analyze. Neovise.

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