A Platform Ready for Growth with Local Technical Support

We saved time and probably some headaches compared to DIY suppliers such as Amazon AWS.

Storebadge is a new content marketing platform for seller ratings recently launched on top of Elastx jelastic:PaaS powered by Jelastic. Storebadge picked Elastx jelastic:PaaS mainly because of the local support team, flexible scalability and fast time to market offering.

Storebadge is a content driven trust accelerator for online merchants and is used by shoppers to evaluate resellers online. All reviews on the website are collected independently and are always based on validated purchases. Storebadge was launched in Sweden in March this year. The platform/website is designed for international use and is currently available in English, Swedish and Finnish. More languages will be added in 2015.

We had a talk with Johan Frykendahl, Storebadge Founder and CEO in order to find out why Storebadge chose Elastx easy:PaaS and what they love about the cloud platform.


Tell us about Storebadge

We have been working on the Storebadge project for almost two years now. Online merchants use Storebadge to increase sales through customer driven viral marketing (seller ratings). We discovered that customer reviews were growing in popularity among online customers and we decided to build a platform that warrants authentic reviews and helps the online merchants maximize the potential of this fast growing channel.

Customer reviews are extremely big in Denmark and we see a possibility to quickly take a leading position in Sweden and other markets. Together with a great team and a strong market offering, we are well on the way.

Storebadge officially launched on the 12th of March, 2015 and was founded Johan Frykendahl who previously co-founded and developed the Nordic Trustmark “Trygg E-handel” that is used by the majority of the leading online merchants in Norway and Sweden. The co-founder and CTO Jan Lindgren who previously developed multiple platforms from scratch has developed the technical platform for Storebadge.


What was the challenge you faced?

Our platform is a custom build (PHP) so we faced many challenges. Mostly of architectural nature as well as project/design delimitations. Hosting was one of the issues we needed to solve. We wanted something flexible and scalable that we could grow with. At the same time, we did not want to pay for something that would meet our requirements five years from now, server migrations was also something we wanted to avoid.


What was the solution?

Elastx jelastic:PaaS powered by Jelastic

We have developed our architecture ourselves. However, through choosing Elastx jelastic:PaaS (powered by Jelastic) we could shorten the time to market as we did not have to configure/worry about setting up the hosting environment. We could rely on Elastx expertise in this field and a solution that would meet the requirements of today but also offered a solution we can grow with.


Why Elastx jelastic:PaaS?

We did not really want to worry about servers/hosting issues. With a true automated platform you also get shorter time to market and a white glove service experience. The automatic horizontal and vertical scaling was also a reason to go with Elastx jelastic:PaaS.

There are great benefits with using this self-service model. They include cost savings, as we did not need to hire people with backend/server knowledge in the same degree as we would have needed, if we had set up our project on DIY solutions. Furthermore we don't have to adjust our application to fit the platform, it's built for open-source code.

How have you setup your environment?

NGINX Load balancer + 1 Apache / PHP App server + 1 Maria DB database environment.


storebadge jelastic


What were the results when you switched to Elastx?

We started on Elastx easy:PaaS so we did not really migrate. The competitors were more DIY (Do It Yourself) suppliers such as Amazon.


If you are satisfied with the performance, what is the best feature of the platform?

We saved time and probably some headaches compared to DIY suppliers.

We love the easy GIT update of our codebase. Setting up an advanced environment is also very easy and there are options that will suit most needs. We have also had the pleasure of dealing with the Elastx support team - great service.


Highlights of using the platform

Since we're a start-up, we are running boot-strapped and one feature I really appreciate is that you get a full visual of your costs per environment. The information is presented in an manner that is easy to understand. What we also like is that Elastx can provide local technical support if we need assistance with the platform.


Thanks Johan and best of luck with Storebadge!

If you're interested to hear more about Elastx jelastic:PaaS feel free to contact us at info@elastx.se and we can schedule a live web-demo or a meeting. We also offer a free Development account.