We love good Customer Support

We are here and ready to help.

All of our customers have free access to our local support team. At ELASTX, we take great pride in providing high-class technical support and in building long term customer relationships.

To get in contact with our support we recommend that you log onto our support portal, via



You can also reach us via email, support@elastx.se. Elastx support portal is open 24x7 and cases are handled during office hours as a standard. Under Support SLA you can read more about ELASTX response times. Elastx infrastructure is always managed and monitored 24x7.

You are welcome to try ELASTX support! 


Assistance with installation, configuration of platform and customer applications.

ELASTX can assist you with making necessary adjustements to make sure that your IT environment has the optimum settings. Examples of services we can provide:


Scheduled database backups.

ELASTX always backups your data every night. However, we recommend that the customer also schedules backups for extra safety. We can help you in setting up these database backups.


Monitoring of applications.

We can help you with setting up tools for monitoring your environments. You can choose your preferred tools or we can provide guidance. Today, New Relic is a popular tool for monitoring applications.


Migration of applications to our cloud.

We can analyze and take necessary actions to make your applications cloud ready and scalable.


For these type of services we charge 950 SEK per hour. We can also assist with similar services outside our platforms.

See ELASTX Professional Services for more information.