Professional Services

Let our CloudOps Engineers mentor and support your organisation with everything in relation to a modern IT Operation. We can work in close conjunction with your developers, regardless of software stack.

Example consultancy assignments:

Cloud Architecture

For larger organisation with lots of legacy IT the transformation to a fully automated delivery model can be painful. We can assist you with this transformation. From pre-study to production implementation. We can train and mentor your organisation. We can migrate your systems and implement a fully automated deployment process for private or public cloud platforms.  

Automation of Deployment Pipelines

Customized Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery-pipelines for efficent deploy and release management.

Automation of your Applications

Having a fully automated Infrastructure (IaaS) to work with is quite nice, however to get full value of running your applications on an IaaS platform you should also automate your application and configurations. Today there's many different tools to choose from and new ones pop-up almost on a daily basis. We love container technology and let Elastx help you to identify the best tools and get your applications automated. It doesn't matter if you are running them on our cloud or someone elses, most important is that it should be automated!


Let us help you with operation of your production critical systems. Elastx can take full DevOps responsibility for your companys IT Operation or you can hire our CloudOps Engineers for longer or shorter assignment. We foremost work with OpenStack and AWS. Elastx Engineers are highly technical and certified. 

Building a Private Cloud

Elastx CloudOps Engineers can help you in building your private cloud, IaaS or PaaS. Maybe you are looking at a Private PaaS based on OpenStack? We can make it compatible with other cloud platforms to cater for your needs. 

For more information please contact:
Henrik Grankvist
+46 725-717802