When you use our Jelastic PaaS you only pay for the capacity you consume, this is measured per minute!

Our Jelastic PaaS automatically scales up and down IT-capacity depending upon what your application requires for time being. The compute capacity is measured in units called Cloudlets. One Cloudlet is equal to 128MB RAM and 400MHz CPU. You can have dynamic Cloudlets that scales automatically or you can have reserved Cloudlets that are but costs less. There is an automated discount that is based on how much Cloudlets you consume.

All prices exclude VAT.

Resource Type Price/Hour Price/Month
Dynamic Cloudlet Compute Between 0,15 SEK
and 0,0975 SEK
Between 109 SEK
and 71 SEK
Reserved Cloudlet Compute Between 0,135 SEK
and 0,0375 SEK
Between 98 SEK
and 27 SEK
Disk space per GB SSD storage 0,005 SEK 3,65 SEK
Backup space per GB Backup storage Included Included
Public IPv4 Network 0,08 SEK 58,40 SEK
Public IPv6 Network 0,01 SEK 7,30 SEK
External traffic (In & Out) Network 0,50 SEK per GB
ELASTX provided SSL Certificate 0,08 SEK 58,40 SEK