Response times reduced from 250-300 to 3 milliseconds

Reforce International AB were in need of an IT platform with high performance which could easily scale up in capacity. Today Reforce use Elastx Jelastic PaaS as a backend.

Who are Reforce International AB?

– We are one of the leading RaaS companies (Result as a Service). Briefly, one can say that we help companies achieve their strategies more quickly, by offering accelerated strategy and business execution. Since our launch, we have had 96% success in our projects, and it is thanks to our business strategists and our proprietary software, ReExecute.

How did your platform solution look like before and what were the challenges?

– We began developing our product in 2012 and we were an early adopter of PaaS. Our first challenge was that we did not have the expertise inhouse to manage the technology. At the time, there was no Nordic alternative, so we turned to an American platform. Our second challenge was to find a partner of higher performance. With the Atlantic Ocean between us we experienced problems with stability, performance and long response times, which led to our customers perceiving our system as slow. For us, every millisecond makes a difference. Therefore, we started looking for a new partner that was closer to us geographically. In spring 2013 we came in contact with Elastx, in May the same year, we started the first test runs.

– Elastx has become our partner and security, says Dan Mattsson, VP of Product Development at Reforce.

Why did you choose Elastx as partner?

– It was mainly because of their platform performance. Earlier, we had encountered problems with new releases. We run new releases every week and it is expensive to do them during the night, which was the case when clients were up working late. Nowadays, we can make a painless release while customers are working. Elastx is a partner that can offer both stability and high competence.

What noticeable improvements/differences have you seen?

– Even as early as during the test runs, Elastx successfully reduce our response time from 250-300 milliseconds to 3 milliseconds, which have facilitated our work considerably. Elastx has become our partner and security. With a high level of expertise in server and infrastructure level, they can help us with the parts we do not want to deal with ourselves. The performance works flawlessly thanks to Elastx.

How much have you saved in terms of resources thanks to Elastx solution?

– It is hard to measure in figures, but easier in efficiency and resources. We get value for our money in terms of competence. We do not make changes in the environment very often, but when we do, we can, thanks to Elastx, make it effective. The alternative, to have the competence inhouse would not be worth it. With traditional operation comes administration, now we can avoid that and instead focus on what we do best.

“Elastx support is magically fast and spot on.”

How have you experienced the support and cooperation with Elastx?

– It has worked very well. One thing that we really appreciate with Elastx is the quality of their support and how fast they are with responding. We often have urgent matters which require knowledge that we do not have inhouse. Now we also receive support in Swedish and the time difference is not a problem anymore. We know that Elastx put high demands on their support, and our experience of it is magically fast and spot on.

What are your thoughts of the future?

– Elastx are continuously working with our development, as well as their own, and we put our full trust in them. Elastx are moving more and more to become a full service supplier, which we look favorably on. They also communicate upcoming changes at an early stage which makes it easier for us.

Thanks, Dan!