Now in Sweden - True autoscaling and volume discounts

“With these changes Jelastic gets even further ahead of its competition and becomes extremely cost effective for small and large-scale production deployments alike.” - Ruslan Synytsky, COO, Jelastic

“Fair pricing is vital to make any business sustainable yet cost-effective for customers,” says Ruslan Synytsky, COO, Jelastic, “Last year we became the first PaaS to launch vertical scaling of servers and true utility-based pricing. With our latest release, we are adding ability to set both minimal and maximal scaling limits, get volume discounts, and immediately see the projected costs the moment you create or change Jelastic environments.

The new model contrasts sharply with conventional industry pricing practices. Developers will find it more attractive than existing models for a number of reasons:

Free is never free: Many supposedly competitive cloud hosting vendors attract developers by making it easy to run new apps for free. But as apps start growing, they need more and more resources. And those additional resources are far from free. In fact, at that point the formerly “free” pricing usually becomes very expensive as pricing is rarely adapted to large scale production use.

With Jelastic, automatic volume discounts provide make scaling cheaper: Jelastic can give automatic discounts for usage depending on the amount of resources that the application consumes. So unlike with the “free to start, expensive to scale” platforms, higher-volume usage is automatically cheaper. Larger applications with higher resource consumption and commitment levels automatically get a lower price, making Jelastic perfect for large-scale production use.

Per-machine pricing is bad for customers: The computer-based (per-machine) pricing model commonly used in the industry today means that customers often have to overpay, choosing bigger machines than they actually need because they have no other option.

With Jelastic, the only true consumption-based PaaS, customers only pay for the resources they need: Jelastic is the only Platform-as-a-Service on the market today that has built-in automated vertical scaling. This means customers do not have to guess the machine size they need. Unlike with per-machine or other models, they can let Jelastic add memory, CPU and disk space on the fly. And they pay only for their actual hourly consumption.

Jelastic customers can now set Lower and upper limits, to get the best price for their usage patterns: Beginning with Version 1.9, Jelastic lets customers specify the lower and higher scaling limits for all the servers they use within the platform. The higher customers set their minimum resource-use level, the bigger discount they get. At the same time, the maximum level still allows for overage in case the application needs to scale up to serve increased usage. This lets customers set limits that optimize price and operational efficiency.

Jelastic provides cost projections each time the customer creates a new environment or makes changes: Any time a customer changes its configurations, Jelastic immediately displays both the minimum and the maximum expected monthly bill. This makes the pricing both fair and predictable.

Below is our new volume discount pricemodel;

Other features with the new Jelastic version 1.9 platform;

Easier access to application files with FTP/FTPS: The new version of our platform offers support for the FTP/FTPS protocol. This provides a fast, easy, and reliable way of file sharing and data transfer to and from your servers in Jelastic environments.

Higher performance through file caching: Jelastic 1.9 supports caching in NGINX (for both NGINX-balancer and NGINX PHP server). This improves performance by reducing the access time to the resource and increasing the resource building speed.

More enterprise-ready servers with built-in TomEE: We’ve added Apache TomEE, the enterprise edition of Apache Tomcat, to meet demand for a more enterprise-ready server. This provides you with the best technology stack that can be deployed to a simple Java EE container. TomEE is a full-blown app server, but retains the simplicity of Tomcat and avoids architectural overhead.

More databases with MariaDB 10.0: Jelastic 1.9 is the first PaaS offering MariaDB 10.0, the most advanced database in the SQL world. This database offers developers the advantages of multi-source replication, dynamic columns and MariaDB Galera Cluster. It is even faster and more fault tolerant, and has more flexible database replication, than previous MariaDB versions.

As you see we always consider our customers’ opinion and try to satisfy all their needs. Thanks to our users we are getting better!

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