Leading DDoS protection for our clients

We are happy to announce our partnership with DDoS security experts Baffin Bay Networks. They will be protecting our Cloud Infrastructure and our customers by using their DDoS Protection and Threat Intelligence platform.

Who are Baffin Bay Networks?

We're a Swedish tech startup based in Stockholm, founded in 2016, poised to disrupt the cloud-based cyber security market. Our team consist of gifted cyber security experts, passionate about building a world-class Threat Protection Platform that helps our customers to mitigate both network based and application level cyber threats.

Why was Baffin Bay Networks created?

Our founder spent several years commuting from Stockholm to Silicon Valley, working for some of the largest U.S. corporations in the industry. During this time (flying over Baffin Bay, in Canada) an idea began to evolve. To create a new and innovative cloud-based security solution, to provide cleaner traffic, faster mitigation - and built in Sweden. It was time to leverage the competence and engineering art in the home country, and to create something unique and groundbreaking. So in a sense, Baffin Bay Networks was created to put Sweden on the map as a cyber security nation. Hopefully we can inspire and lead the way for more Swedish Cyber Security companies to come.

"Also, companies should keep in mind that DDoS attacks are often used as smoke screens for other cyber crime ..."

What challenges do companies face who take lightly on DDoS security?

Everyone knows the risks of a large scale DDoS-attack, sites are unaccessible, customers are angry. Sometimes these attacks result in negative headlines and brand reputation suffers. Often, companies are aware of this threat, but have not taken the time to do a risk assessment and determine the impact of an attack. Also, companies should keep in mind that DDoS attacks are often used as smoke screens for other cyber crime, that potentially could be far more serious, especially in times of GDPR and privacy; data breaches, intel theft etc. If you’re hit by a DDoS attack, that’s most likely not even your worst problem that day.

"As a cloud services platform provider, we need to offer the best solutions possible also from a security perspective. Baffin Bay Networks allow us to do just that." - Henrik Grankvist, COO, Elastx

"We were very happy when we found Baffin Bay Networks as their services are a perfect match to our needs. They understand our business model and provide the tools so we can offer enterprise class security services in an agile and automated way." - Joakim Öhman, CEO, Elastx

What are the largest challenges for a DDoS security company?

A lot of companies don’t realise the risks before actually being hit by a DDoS-attack. Although we’re happy to help them in time of crisis, too, we’d much rather be there before damage is. Since most DDoS mitigation services are solely focused on large, volumetric attacks, we have to be very clear in elaborating that Riverview does much more than just DDoS mitigation, and prove the value of our solution for all those days where the customer doesn’t have a DDoS attack.

"We built our solution to offer our customers direct insight into what is happening in their online environment."

Why should someone choose Baffin Bay Networks?

We are more than just a DDoS protection service, our multi vector threat mitigation platform stops not only DDoS-attacks but also web application attacks, malware and exploit attempts. We built our solution to offer our customers direct insight into what is happening in their online environment. With Riverview our customers get access to traffic patterns and overview of threats and attempted attacks. They can easily integrate with existing solutions, and even feed the system with own threat intelligence. Moreover, we provide expert help around the clock and are very flexible when it comes to meeting customer specific needs - our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

What are you hoping to gain together with Elastx?

Besides a great reference customer, with an impressive customer base of its own, Elastx is a very technically competent friend in business and technology. They provide valuable feedback on what works well, and the areas we need to improve. It is this sort of open and honest feedback that will challenge us and help us grow and become even better.

Available now: The Elastx cloud platform including the increased security capabilities from Baffin Bay Networks.

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