Elastx keeps offering industry leading DDoS protection

We have chosen to work with Baffin Bay Networks to protect our Cloud Infrastructure and our customers by using their DDoS Protection and Threat Intelligence platform.

Baffin Bay Networks

Founded in 2017 by leading industry experts, Baffin Bay Networks is a Swedish tech start-up poised to disrupt the cloud-based cybersecurity market. Their globally distributed Threat Protection Centers protect customers from the most advanced Distributed Denial of Service and Web Application attacks, and discovers and protects against known and unknown malware and exploits.

“As a cloud services platform provider, we need to offer the best solutions possible also from a security perspective. Baffin Bay Networks allow us to do just that.” - Henrik Grankvist, COO, Elastx.

“We were very happy when we found Baffin Bay Networks as their services are a perfect match to our needs. They understand our business model and provide the tools so we can offer enterprise class security services in an agile and automated way” - Joakim Öhman, CEO, Elastx

Threat Protection, DDoS Protection, and Web Application Protection

We will be able to offer Threat Protection, DDoS Protection, and Web Application Protection to our customers as well as for our own Cloud infrastructure. Baffin Bay Networks offers a unique combination of technical expertise and exceptional capacity and technology to ensure that the customers always maintain safe and efficient online functionality.

“No company or organization should be defenseless against advanced cyber threats. Our mission is to build the world’s best Threat Protection Platform: one that is easy to use for any company or service provider to protect their key assets and services. We’re a team of gifted cyber security experts, passionate about building a world-beating Threat Protection Platform that helps our customers to mitigate all cyber threats.” - Baffin Bay Networks mission

They will be providing protection from more than 250 different types of DDoS attacks. All with measures that are easy to implement and deliver results from day one.

“Companies and organizations use web applications such as banking, e-commerce and trading platforms to enhance the scope and functionality of their businesses. Some of those applications may be developed in-house and some are purchased externally. Organizations’ IT security functions also face the challenge of keeping pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape, as new vulnerabilities are disclosed. We prevent attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities, and provide real-time logging, reporting, and statistics on attempted attacks.” - Baffin Bay Networks about their Web Application Protection.

Available now: The Elastx cloud platform including the increased security capabilities from Baffin Bay Networks.

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