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Apache Log4j 2 Vulnerabilities

Apache Log4j 2 is a popular Java logging library. During December 2021, Apache released new versions to address several vulnerabilities.


Elastx is now integrated with Backup Ninja to automate your opensource database backups easily

Backup management includes the activities of creating, deleting, storing, restoring, and monitoring of the backup process. It is an essential component of any disaster recovery strategy. Although it is vital to have backup management, it can be a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive process. Having to take daily backups with constant monitoring (to ensure the backups are in a usable state) often requires a dedicated technical resource to manage it effectively. Without periodic checks, backups may be obsolete or invalid, which will slow down the recovery process if disaster strikes. Backup and recovery at the database level is even more challenging, as it requires complex scripts to handle the backup of the individual storage engine. Automated backup management services offer a wide range of features to automate the backup and restoration task for databases, files, and directories and effortlessly store them securely either locally or on the cloud. Automated backup management is ideal for resolving the setbacks of manual backup management.


Zebware, an Elastx partner

We think it is important to be loosely connected to the platforms you work with to avoid lock-in scenarios and the ability to store data with confidence. With our new partner Zebware and their product Orchesto you can achieve this.


Can you keep a single security strategy in a multi-cloud environment?

A guest blogpost by James Tucker, Director of System Engineering at Baffin Bay Networks


Elastx is now a member of MANRS

We are happy to inform you that Elastx is now a member of MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security).


Risks with Cloud-IT outside of Sweden

Today, Swedish as well as international companies have the opportunity to get their cloud-based IT operations handled by major suppliers such as AWS, Google and Azure. A service with security that is taken for granted. Something the customer always counts with is that the data stored with the supplier is always taken care of and may only be handled by the customer himself.


We are now CNCF members

We are proud to inform you that ELASTX is now a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


Cloud Act - time to bring our data storage home

As some of you already heard or read, a new law has emerged in the United States, where US cloud suppliers and IT companies are now forced to disclose data to US authorities, they have chosen to name it Cloud Act.


Elastx and HashiCorp become Technology Partners

It is of high importance for us at Elastx to be given the freedom to work in open source based cloud environments with no lock-in solutions. We believe that this is the core to gaining constant new knowledge in the field as well as to give a larger freedom for the developer. And it is as important to be able to give our customers the same opportunities.


Getting started with application backups to Swift

Swift cloud object storage is ideal for storing your application backups. Here are 3 ways to move your backups to the cloud.


Automating infrastructure with Terraform on OpenStack

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the most basic cloud model, giving you the ability to create your own infrastructure resources such as networks, firewalls, load balancers, different kind of storage and of course servers.


Building a portable, scalable, reusable Deployment Pipeline for an arbitrarily complex environment (part 3)

This is the last of three posts about building an advanced deployment pipeline.


Building a portable, scalable, reusable Deployment Pipeline for an arbitrarily complex environment (part 2)

This is the second of three posts about building an advanced deployment pipeline.


Building a portable, scalable, reusable Deployment Pipeline for an arbitrarily complex environment (Part 1)

This is the first of three posts about building an advanced deployment pipeline.


Simple, yet performant Wordpress sites on Jelastic PaaS

We’ve created a simple one-click Wordpress install for Jelastic that’s prepared with some basic fine tuning both for Nginx, PHP and Wordpress itself. It comes preinstalled with w3 total cache plugin and Hannari Blue theme.


Get Drupal 8 up and running within 5 minutes

Drupal 8 is about to reach its first release candidate. We are very excited and would like to celebrate it, therefore we have created a one click installer so you can test Drupal 8 in our Jelastic platform!


Backups in OpenStack cloud

I have worked a lot with backups over the years and one thing I have learned is that managing a traditional backup solution often takes too much time, consumes too much resources and costs too much. But what about backups in a cloud environment? I still have important data and a lot of servers that need to be up and running. True, but if you do it right from the beginning you can take a fundamentally different approach to data protection and like many other things in the cloud it is a huge improvement. These are my general rules that I will describe more in details.


Spin up CoreOS on OpenStack using Vagrant

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience.


Easy High Availability

If you application is business critical and you think high availability and disaster protection is too complex and expensive then this is for you. We will show you how to setup two sites and use a couple of SaaS services for site fail-over and monitoring. These powerful tools will cost you the massive amount of about $10 per month.


Now in Sweden - True autoscaling and volume discounts

“With these changes Jelastic gets even further ahead of its competition and becomes extremely cost effective for small and large-scale production deployments alike.” - Ruslan Synytsky, COO, Jelastic


From a Single Instance Server to Microservices Freedom

Björn Lundén needed scaling options, as their number of users grew and they needed the ability to scale separate components of their app. After meetings with the Elastx team, they were introduced to freedom to innovate and optimize with their Jelastic PaaS.


Bonnier News chose Elastx to create their new digital platform

In connection to their 150th anniversary in 2013 Bonnier News decided to leave the old manual server system and make a step towards a fully automated platform. They chose Elastx for the job, complemented by tools from HashiCorp.


Digitalist - 50% Reduction in Build Times and Blazingly Fast!

Digital services firm Digitalist made the switch to Elastx Jelastic PaaS and experienced some very positive improvements.


Elastx provides a Kubernetes-based solution that meets our standards concerning safety and availability

Security, uptime, and a guarantee that data never leave the EU were some of the requirements that Vilja, a Swedish fintech company, had in their search for a new private cloud supplier. The company needed a more agile platform to continue to be a leader in the industry. – We wanted a company committed to develop and grow together with us. Already within a month after our first meeting we started our journey to create an even more scalable and secure platform, says Erik Nyfelt, VP Operations at Vilja.


Leading DDoS protection for our clients

We are happy to announce our partnership with DDoS security experts Baffin Bay Networks. They will be protecting our Cloud Infrastructure and our customers by using their DDoS Protection and Threat Intelligence platform.


Response times reduced from 250-300 to 3 milliseconds

Reforce International AB were in need of an IT platform with high performance which could easily scale up in capacity. Today Reforce use Elastx Jelastic PaaS as a backend.


Key Cloud Benefits for Emakina

Recently Emakina, a digital marketing agency, shared with us their feedback about using Elastx Jelastic PaaS. Today we are glad to share our interview with Fredrik Larsson, Senior Developer from Emakina.


To make this possible we use bleeding edge Technology

Imagine being able to see your healthcare records directly on your computer or smart phone and also being able to share this information with your doctor - wouldn’t that be great?