With our Jelastic almost everything is ready, just missing your application and you will be up and running in minutes, this is Platform as a Service.

Jelastic is our Platform as a Service (PaaS). With Jelastic PaaS you can create a complete server environment for your Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or Node.js application or run your own Docker container and be up and running in minutes. The service scales automatically and you only pay for actual use of resources. It's very simple and quick to get started.

The platform is based on Jelastic which is present in over 30 countries and is delivered by over 50 hosting providers. We are the Swedish supplier of Jelastic and ELASTX has the highest ratings in both performance and customer support.

The platform is built to withstand large volumes and high availability requirements. We offer three regions here in Sweden which are three completely separate data centers located at disaster-safe distance from each other (20km).