IT Operation

If we were to describe with one word what we do it's: "Automation". With our extensive experience and expert knowledge, we can help you fully utilize the benefits of a cloud-based platform.

Do you spend valuable time installing and maintaining your own servers, and live under constant stress that something should go wrong at an inconvenient time? Forget all about that, with a fully automated premium platform maintained by us 24x7.

We manage everything required in order for your application to run, but with you still in charge. No binding contracts.

We are vendor independent, which allows you to freely combine our platforms with those of others and still enjoy our full maintenance and support. We are certified and working mainly with OpenStack, GCP (Google) and AWS (Amazon).

ELASTX Platforms

We have two public cloud-based platforms, covering most client needs. We will help you get started in the cloud. Our entire infrastructure, as well as our services, are supervised around-the-clock. We can also tailor a private solution for customers wanting even more control over their system.




OpenStack IaaS

Our public cloud infrastructure, (IaaS), based on OpenStack. ELASTX was the first public cloud provider in the Nordics that launched OpenStack. We have been running OpenStack in production since 2014. This is a powerful infrastructure service where you can run any server size and OS and only pay for your actual usage.

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Jelastic PaaS

Our PaaS platform is based on Jelastic. We are the Swedish Jelastic provider and has the highest ranking both in performance and quality of support. Here you can create a complete environment for your Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or Node.js application and be up and running in just a few minutes. The service scales automatically, and you only pay for your actual usage.

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Kubernetes is a system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. ELASTX private Kubernetes is fully managed and runs on top of our OpenStack platform in your own tenant.

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ELASTX has a Certified Kubernetes® platform.




ELASTX is a KCSP (Kubernetes® Certified Service Provider)

ELASTX state-of-the-art Infrastructure

Delivering a platform that performs at all times demands a great deal of competence, as well as great equipment. At ELASTX we provide you with a redundant infrastructure reaching across 3 Swedish data centers, with 100Gbps network capacity and the ability to deliver bare metal servers fully automated. 

Three Data Centers in Sweden

All data centers are state of the art with redundant power, cooling and uplinks. The uninterruptible power supply keeps the data centers running no matter how long a power outage is. 

Green power

All three data centers and our office is powered with renewable energy only.

Disaster protected

All three data centers (STO1, STO2 and STO3) are 20km's apart making them disaster protected from each other. 

100Gb network

To handle the most demanding loads we have a fully redundant 100Gb core network infrastructure. 

0.5ms latency between Data Centers

We have designed the platform to handle high performance big data clusters spread between the data centers enabling scalable and fault tolerant environments.


Our support is available 24x7 and all data centers have on site personal 24x7. 

DDoS protection

We offer both internal L7 protection and external multi Tb volume based attack protection. 

SSD only

All block storage is based on SSD storage only giving you better performance and availability.

Multiple ISP's

We have at least 4 Internet providers to cater for great redundancy and performance. 

Services for efficient IT Operation

We offer around-the-clock services on our own platforms but also other public or private cloud platforms.

24x7 Support

We offer around-the-clock supervision and maintenance of not just our own, but also other public or private cloud platforms.

24x7 Application Monitoring

We supervise your applications around-the-clock, and handle any alerts in accordance with contingency procedure. Do you have applications with other vendors, such as Heroku or AWS? No problem, we can supervise and maintain them for you as well.

Automatic OS updates

We can help automate updates of your OS, and make sure you always have the latest security settings in place. Ideally, servers are installed anew instead of updated, but even when that’s not possible, this service is of great value.

  • Scheduling of installations and security updates from official repos.
  • Software for updating the kernel without restart is included.
  • Update and maintenance during office hours.
  • 24x7 support.

This service is offered for most of the popular Linux distributions.

If you are interested to hear more about our service offerings and how ELASTX could become your hosting provider, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.