Case Studies

Leading DDoS protection for our clients

We are happy to announce our partnership with DDoS security experts Baffin Bay Networks. They will be protecting our Cloud Infrastructure and our customers by using their DDoS Protection and Threat Intelligence platform.

Bonnier News chose ELASTX to create their new digital platform

In connection to their 150th anniversary in 2013 Bonnier News decided to leave the old manual server system and make a step towards a fully automated platform. They chose ELASTX for the job, complemented by tools from HashiCorp.

Response times reduced from 250-300 to 3 milliseconds

Reforce International AB were in need of an IT platform with high performance which could easily scale up in capacity. Today Reforce use ELASTX Jelastic PaaS as a backend.

Key Cloud Benefits for Emakina

Recently Emakina, a digital marketing agency, shared with us their feedback about using ELASTX Jelastic PaaS. Today we are glad to share our interview with Fredrik Larsson, Senior Developer from Emakina.

From a Single Instance Server to Microservices Freedom

BL needed scaling options, as their number of users grew and they needed the ability to scale separate components of their app. After meetings with the ELASTX team, they were introduced to freedom to innovate and optimize with their Jelastic PaaS.

To make this possible we use bleeding edge Technology

Imagine being able to see your healthcare records directly on your computer or smart phone and also being able to share this information with your doctor - wouldn’t that be great?