CloudOps Engineer with a passion for automation

Are you ahead of the game?

At ELASTX we have a passion for doing work that one can be proud of. By joining ELASTX you will be taking place in a team that are not religious about technology and likes to share their knowledge.

ELASTX is all about IT automation, from metal to code and we are a strong believer in the cloud delivery model of IT. The cloud infrastructure is more or less commodity, it is what you build on top of it that matters. We have our own Swedish public cloud platforms but we also work with GCP and AWS, whatever platform that suits the customer best.

So, you are probably working as a consultant today most likely quite happy. You are probably considered being a Unicorn. You are receiving weekly calls from recruiters about great opportunities. You have open job offerings from Klarna, Spotify and well respected consultancy houses, but it just doesn’t feel right. Should you start your own company? (You could work as a sole-contractor), nah that doesn’t feel right either, you want to be part of something greater.

What will you be doing?

You will be a core player in our CloudOps team. We work closely with our customers helping them with their next generation hosting or building new services from scratch. This includes:

  • Understand the benefits with the cloud delivery model
  • Help the developers to launch awesome stuff
  • Understand that you still need to think about security even if you use CaaS
  • Know the requirements to build a twelve factor app
  • See the benefit of good monitoring
  • Share your knowledge and make others great as well
  • Being that shoulder to cry on when customer tells about their monthly AWS bill
  • Giving your colleagues headache by discussing the latest episode of Game of Thrones

Skills that could be of great use:

  • Anything *nix (you don’t feel comfortable without a proper shell)
  • Kubernetes/K8S (We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider)
  • Infrastructure tools such as Vagrant, Terraform (We are a Hashicorp Tech partner)
  • Cloud platforms obviously (Openstack, AWS and GCP is coming at razor speed)
  • Ansible/Saltstack/Terraform (You like Python)
  • Gaming (Do you like Amiga 500 or Nintendo Switch?)
  • Work / life balance (family or tech nerd stuff, we love them both)

...But foremost it’s your attitude.

What are we offering?

Don’t worry about that. If you pass the above and mutual attraction occurs we will sort out the practical stuff.

If you are interested in hearing more give Henrik a call and say the magic word - automation or send him an email with subject line "Automation". Looking forward to hearing from you. or mobile +46 725 717802


We are a Public cloud provider based in Sweden. We love sustainable IT and deliver truly automated cloud services via our own platforms OpenStack IaaS and Jelastic PaaS. We help companies to get the full value of running their IT in the cloud. At ELASTX we provide you with a redundant infrastructure reaching across 3 Swedish data centers, with 100Gbps network capacity and the ability to deliver bare metal servers fully automated.

ELASTX is ISO14001 and ISO27001 certified and all Elastx personnel are security checked.