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Spin up CoreOS on OpenStack using Vagrant

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience.

Elastx offers discount on New Relic

Powerful tools for application and server monitoring. We really like New Relic and their tools for full application stack visibility in real-time. Thanks to our partnership with New Relic we can offer our customers a great discount on their products.

Elastx announces support for OpenStack foundation

"Elastx has stepped up as the first public cloud provider powered by OpenStack in the Nordics!" - Heidi Skupien Bretz, Director Business Development, OpenStack Foundation

Deploying Openstack Icehouse with Vagrant and Puppet Enterprise

If you want to learn about OpenStack and want a more serious environment than what DevStack is designed to provide for you, then this might be a good place for you to start.

New features Elastx easy:PaaS

This upgrade has a long list of new features that will make a great product even better, here are the highlights:

Neo4j in the cloud. Easy with Elastx powered by Jelastic and OpenStack

Neo4j is one of the most popular graph-databases on the market today. The main benefits of using Neo4j are: