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Changes to our Free-Tier offering - Jelastic:PaaS

We love developers! Free Tier > Development account

Elastx been recognized by CIOreview

Elastx been recognized by CIOreview

Get Drupal 8 up and running within 5 minutes

Drupal 8 is about to reach its first release candidate. We are very excited and would like to celebrate it, therefore we have created a one click install widget so you can test Drupal 8 in our platform!

Elastx hosted Wordpress meetup

On 23 September Elastx hosted a Wordpress meetup in Stockholm. You could tell that Wordpress is pretty popular since all seats got booked less than 30 minutes after we released the tickets.

Dine with the father of Java

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. Our jelastic:PaaS is powered by Jelastic and they are holding a contest where you could win a prize that Java programmers only dream of - A dinner with Father of Java, James Gosling.

Simple, yet performant Wordpress sites on jelastic:PaaS

We've created a simple one-click Wordpress install that's prepared with some basic fine tuning both for Nginx, PHP and Wordpress itself. It comes preinstalled with w3 total cache plugin and Hannari Blue theme.