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ELASTX is a Dagens industri Gazelle Company

We are pleased to inform you that ELASTX has become a Dagens industri Gazelle company this year! The company has strived to achieve the criteria for a Gazelle company and at last we have succeeded in doing so. ELASTX aims to always deliver a product with quality, safety and continuous growth that will benefit the customer as well as the company.

Last nights Kubernetes & CNCF meetup was a success!

Here are a few images from last nights Kubernetes & CNCF meetup at the Spotify office. Hosted by ELASTX.

Check out our customer testimonial for Fortanix services!

When we needed an HSM and KMS solution for our OpenStack platform, we decided to turn to Fortanix. They met every requirement that we had and it went great, check out our video testimonial.

Some VR fun with the Challengize winners

For those who don't remember, ELASTX hosted a fitness challenge during spring this year called Challengize. The winners of Challengize were Baffin Bay Networks!

Kubernetes & Cloud Native meetup sponsored by ELASTX

We are excited and happy to inform you about the next Kubernetes & Cloud Native meetup at Spotify's office in Sweden!

We are now CNCF members

We are proud to inform you that ELASTX is now a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.