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Life as a hosting provider: How Elastx checked off all the boxes on their storage wishlist

I have been working with data center and storage solutions for 18 years and one of the things on the top of my wishlist has been a storage system that could keep up with the rest of the infrastructure. While servers and network increased in capacity and performance, the good old hard drives just increased in capacity and NOT performance. Yes, a lot of alternative solutions have been developed during the years to compensate for the lack of disk performance, but no solution that really solved the core problem. Most solutions use cache to remove hot spots, but you can't cache it all. And then you still could not get predictable performance -- especially not in a multi-tenant environment.

Our cloud platform is built from the ground up with all SSD using Solidfire

“SolidFire’s ability to deliver predictable application performance is the key technology that enables Elastx to deliver an exceptional customer experience.” - Joakim Öhman, CEO, Elastx

Now in Sweden - True autoscaling and volume discounts

"With these changes Jelastic gets even further ahead of its competition and becomes extremely cost effective for small and large-scale production deployments alike." - Ruslan Synytsky, COO, Jelastic

We are now a full-version Jelastic partner

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday we launched Jelastic commercially in Sweden with one of our most advanced hosting partners Elastx.

Live demo - DevOps Meetup Stockholm

Elastx was invited by Stockholm DevOps meetup to present their award winning platform. A true scalable platform and really shows how easy it is to go from "DEV-TEST- PRODUCTION"

TomEE as PaaS - Great news!

Woohoo! We are the first public PaaS which offers Apache TomEE, one of the fastest and the most user-friendly enterprise-ready application servers available.