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Neo4j meetup @Elastx HQ

Despite the sunny and warm weather outside, we had a steady number of people turning up for the Neo4j meetup that was hosted at Elastx, Waterfront.

Video - Elastx disk performance w SSD

My experience with multi tenant environments is that when there is a performance issue it is a 90% risk that it is caused by poor disk performance. This comes as no surprise since hard disk performance is about the same as it was 10 years ago, but everything else in the infrastructure is way faster than 10 years ago.

Check out this video - Load testing - Easy vertical & horizontal scaling in the cloud

One of my favorite Jelastic features is the vertical scaling and how you only pay for the resources you are using, unlike traditional server hosting were you have to pay for a fixed amount of resources. There are many times you do not know how much resources your application consumes and even harder to know how many users you will have. Using the Jelastic platform gives you the ability to have an extremely scalable platform, but you only pay for the actual resources that you use. This is because with Jelastic you can do both vertical and horizontal scaling.

Deploying a Bitbucket Project via Maven with Jelastic

As you know Jelastic Platform can build apps right in the cloud instead of building them locally and uploading WAR archives.

Elastx hosts Neo4j meetup, 28th May

Elastx will host the next Neo4j meetup in Stockholm. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Neo4j and get a live demo of a PaaS platform.

Jelastic Announces Integration with NetBeans IDE

“PALO ALTO, California., May 6, 2013 - Jelastic Inc., the creators of a cloud hosting platform for Java and PHP applications, today announced the integration of the Jelastic platform with NetBeans IDE, one of the most popular IDEs for Java development.”