This years ELASTX Challengize has begun

2018-04-18 - Reading time: 2 minutes #challengize

After last years success, we couldn’t do anything but to repeat.

We have started our yearly fitness activity/challenge, where we host a competition with the help of We have challenged a couple of our partners and customers to a fun pre-summer fitness competition.

So what is Challengize exactly?

It is a competition between teams/companies where the goal is to be as active as possible physically to score points for your team. The competition will go on for 9 weeks, and at the end, the winning team will get a fun surprise by ELASTX.

And we will also be celebrating the end of the challenge with all the attendees where we get ourselves a few beverages and network with our fellow collegues.

Which companies have joined this years Challengize?

Company: Digitalist
Team name: Go’Diggas
Digitalist Homepage

Company: DPOrganizer
Team name: Guardians of the Compliance
Team name 2: The Expendables
DPOrganizer Homepage

Company: Baffin Bay Networks
Team name: Bay City Runners
Baffin Bay Networks Homepage

Company: Bonnier News DevOps
Team name: RUN D4S
Homepages: Dagens Nyheter Expressen Dagens industri Sydsvenskan HD

Company: FA Solutions
Team name: FA Tech Fighters (FTF)
FA Solutions Homepage

Company: ELASTX
Team name: RUN K8S
ELASTX Homepage

We will be keeping you updated in our social media channels and blog. May the best team and company win!