What is happening at ELASTX right now?

2018-08-16 - Reading time: 2 minutes #company #cncf #kubernetes #openstack

A whole bunch of things have happened during a short period of time here at ELASTX. And a lot more is coming during the fall. So what have we been doing and what are we planing on doing?

This summer we launched our DDoS- & Threat Protection campaign, we can now offer bleeding edge protection against network threats for our customers and partners. We offer, together with Baffin Bay Networks, different protection packages depending on what your company needs. Read more about our Network Threat Protection here.

Our second generation OpenStack is now finished and ready to be used! A lot of our customers have been waiting for this awesome moment, you can read more about our new OpenStack platform here.

We have finally gotten our RUN K8S (Kubernetes) caps and t-shirts that our customers have been asking for! And we are really hyped that they have arrived, we like them. Contact us if you are interested in copping one from us.

ELASTX RUN K8S t-shirt

And speak of Kubernetes. We will soon be launching our Private Kubernetes. You’ll be able to read more about it at the launch, we are really looking forward to this.

With the launch of ELASTX Private Kubernetes, we will also become members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation. This is a very interesting and exciting time for us since this membership will open doors to new opportunities for us as well as our customers and partners to enter a new and larger community of Cloud Native enthusiasts.

We will also be co-hosting a Kubernetes & Cloud Native meetup at the swedish Spotify office together with CNCF! Read more about it here.

#company #cncf #kubernetes #openstack