Sweden’s largest developer conference

2014-02-05 - Reading time: 1 minutes #event #jfokus

Jfokus is held in Stockholm at Waterfront Congress Center in Februry every year. With 80 inspiring speaker sessions Jfokus attracted over 1600 visitors from all over the world.

This year a lof of the attention was on the upcoming release of Java 8. Elastx is a Jfokus partner and we were busy doing live-demos of our Easy Java PaaS and also showing our Alfa preview of Docker running in the cloud. We enjoyed talking to all you guys and we appreciated all the positive feedback from the Java community.

We are looking forward to Jfokus 2015!

Above to the right: Preview of our Docker dashboard and how to deploy Docker containers to our cloud. Those interested to explore Docker in the cloud could sign up to become a test pilot.

Henrik Grankvist

#event #jfokus

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