Self defense seminar for our Challengize attenders

2019-05-15 - Reading time: 1 minutes #challengize

ELASTX Challengize is going on with full speed. We are now planing a fun activity with our attenders, a self defense course!

ELASTX Challengize has been going on now for four weeks and four more are to come!

We want to create fun activities with all Challengize attenders during this period, such as extra challenges and events. So we will be hosting a self defense seminar at the end of may, where are everyone has a chance to get a few tips on how to protect themselves.

We have the honor of being instructed by Mikael Holmsten. Mikael has a long backround in martial arts with almost 30 years of different types of self defense methods.

What is Challengize?

It’s a competition between teams/companies where the goal is to be as active as possible physically to score points for your team. The competition will go on for 9 weeks, and at the end, the winning team will get a fun surprise by ELASTX.

And we will also be celebrating the end of the challenge with all the attendees where we get ourselves a few beverages and network with our fellow collegues.


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