New features Elastx easy:PaaS

2014-05-30 - Reading time: 2 minutes #jelastic

This upgrade has a long list of new features that will make a great product even better, here are the highlights:

  1. SSH-Access: Upon numerous requests from our customers, with 2.2 release we now offer SSH Access!

  2. Openshift cartridge support: We now supports Openshift’s cartidge model. Already prepared cartridges are available in our easy:PaaS such as Redis 2.6, Python WSGI, JBoss, Varnish 3.0. There is also a basis template for creating your own cartridges.

  3. Cloud API: Lets developers automate a set of actions required for an application’s lifecycle and extend our platform functionality, by combining other services.

  4. JPS & Marketplace: We now have a Marketplace with already prepared “one click” installers such as Wordpress, Drupal etc. You can also prepare your own application packages with JPS (JelasticPackageStandard).

  5. Production Ready Ruby hosting: We are now pleased to announce that we offer production ready Ruby hosting including full support.

  6. Accounts collaboration: A great feature that provides users with the option to collaborate with shared environments, even if you don’t have your own account.

  7. New versions: Updated versions of applications servers, databases etc.

Click here for more details about version 2.2 of Jelastic

Download whitepaper describing Elastx easy:PaaS

“Jelastic is the core component of Elastx easy:PaaS offering and fits well on top of Elastx bleeding edge cloud optimized infrastructure. Jelastic is one of the most powerful, innovative and easy-to-use PaaS products in the market today. The team at Jelastic really listen to the community and releases new features on a regular basis. Version 2.2 is no exception” Says, Henrik Grankvist, Business Development Manager at Elastx.

Henrik Grankvist