Neo4j Easy Install

2013-11-25 - Reading time: 2 minutes #neo4j #jelastic

We really like the Neo4j database and we became a Neo4j technology partner earlier this year. We are now working on making Neo4j a fully integrated database in our Easy PaaS that is powered by Jelastic. Until the integration is ready there are two ways to run Neo4j on our Easy platform. Either run it as an embedded database on the application server or run it in a VDS (linux server). We created a script that will help you to install Neo4j in just 1 minute on a VDS node.

Here are the instructions on how you install Neo4j in a VDS.

  1. Login or create an account here if you you do not already have an account.

You can create an account for free and run a 14 day trial. If you have a trial account please contact support to enable public IP as this is disabled by default on trial account.

  1. Create an environment that includes a VDS node.

You can create a Java, PHP or Ruby server environment or you can just select a single VDS node.

  1. Log into the VDS node using ssh. You will find the login information and IP address in the e-mail sent to you.
  2. Download the script and run it. When the script is done you will get the URL and login information to your Neo4j database.

    # wget
    # sh

The installation script will perform the following tasks.

  • - Download Neo4j 1.9.4, Ne04j authentication-extension and Java
  • - Install Java
  • - Install Neo4j
  • - Install authentication-extension
  • - Create a neo4j user that will run the Ne04j
  • - Configure the firewall to allow access the Neo4j ssl port 7473
  • - Make Neo4j start at boot
  • - Configure authentication
  • - Start Neo4j
  1. Have fun!

Joakim Öhman

#neo4j #jelastic