Time for another Tech-Fika

2020-05-11 - Reading time: 2 minutes #tech-fika #event

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform on ELASTX OpenStack.

We have seen how much time and pain you can save by getting a good introduction to our Platform and the tools that you can use. We think infrastructure as code is awesome and in this session we will give you an introduction and best practices with Terraform on our Openstack IaaS.

This particular Tech-Fika will be hosted online at two different occasions Wednesday 10th of June and 17th of June, 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

If you are interested in participating shoot an email to fika@elastx.com. Link to Webinar will get sent out prior to event.

We will go through the fundamentals of OpenStack and how we have implemented it

  • What’s the difference between Regions and Availabilty Zones and why we decided the later.
  • AZ (Availability Zone) anti-affinity rules and anti-affinity in the same availability zone and WHY these rules are so important.
  • Block Storage not available between AZ. WHY this is by design.

We will get started with Terraform - an open source, cloud-agnostic tool to automate infrastructure

  • Brief introduction to Terraform and where to download it.
  • How to create git-repo with suitable layout.
  • How to get started by creating your Network Stack with 1 router, 1 sub net with Bastion host and all necessary tools to get your automation flying.

Let us know if you would like to join by sending us an email to fika@elastx.com.

#tech-fika #event